Sunday marked the third Houthi attack on Saudi interests within two days; Explosive drones were used in the strikes; Gas, power, and water facilities were targeted.

Several Saudi sites were targeted by the Houthi Rebels over the weekend, which resulted in temporary production delays for multiple resources. The attacks were carried out with a mix of missiles and explosive drones. The sites hit in the attacks over the weekend obtained resources such as gasoline, power, and water. According to initial reports, no injuries or casualties took place.

In reference to one of the attacks that hit Yanbu, the Saudi Energy Ministry stated, “The assault on YASREF facilities has led to a temporary reduction in the refinery’s production, which will be compensated for from the inventory.”

In recent months, the Houthis have increased their strikes inside of Saudi Arabia in addition to the UAE, largely due to the region’s warming ties with Israel and the United States. The White House issued a statement condemning the attacks.

The Houthis, the Iranian-funded terror proxy residing in Yemen, have been the source of destabilization in the region since the onset of the Yemeni Civil War in 2014 – The world’s number one humanitarian disaster.