Thousands of soldiers captured and many killed in the town of Najran, Saudi Arabia, after Saudi troops surrender to Houthi rebels; This is the largest event of its kind since the conflict began in 2015; Sarea: huge losses in life and machinery.

Hours ago, a Houthi representative said that three Saudi brigades had surrendered near the town of Najran in Saudi Arabia. The conflict in Yemen began in 2015 when Houthi rebels overthrew the government, causing President Hadi to flee. Saudi Arabia supports President Hadi.

Among the troops captured and killed, the Saudi’s are reported to have lost a larger number of military vehicles to the rebels. The number of people killed is unknown at this time.

The UN suspects the number of deaths to be close to 70,000 as a result of this conflict-civilians and soldiers, and it has led to one of the worst humanitarian scenarios on the planet. Reports indicate that over 80% of the population now relies on food assistance or humanitarian aid of some sort in order to survive.

Saudi Arabia is backed by the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.