Shrapnel from an intercepted Houthi suicide drone reportedly injured 12 people at an airport in Saudi Arabia on Thursday; Saudi Coalition forces warned civilians in Yemen to stay away from military locations over the next three days due to incoming strikes on the Iranian-backed terror group.

On Thursday, Saudi Coalition forces issued a warning to civilians in the area of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, that they should avoid civilian areas where Houthi military assets are located for the next few days. The warning was issued after an explosive-laden drone infiltrated Saudi airspace and was eventually intercepted near the Abha Airport. However, shrapnel from the drone injured 12 people.

According to an initial report by Reuters, the 12 people injured represent six different countries, including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka.

Abha is located in southwestern Saudi Arabia – a vulnerable target for the Iranian-backed Houthi militias that have been at war with the internationally-recognized government of Yemen since 2014. The Yemeni Civil War remains the world’s number one humanitarian disaster.