Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calls for the destruction of the Jewish State during Quds Day rally speech; He believes that in order for “Palestine” to be free, resistance to Israel is required; Nasrallah: Israel must be destroyed.

As Quds Day kicked off in full force on Friday, Hezbollah’s leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, took the opportunity to discuss the ongoing conflict with Israel. Quds Day is committed to pleading for the “Palestinian” cause while making universal threats against the Jewish State.

The conclusion of Nasrallah’s speech was that Israel must be destroyed, citing the rebirth of Israel as “the establishment of this virus of an entity, this cancerous tumor amidst our umma.”

Adding further to his speech, which was really a call for violence, he stated, “When Khamenei declared Al Quds Day in 1979, it was a culmination point of his personal struggle against Israel, which he began addressing in 1960. Khamenei was restating the position of Najaf and Qom regarding Palestine, a position that remains a consistent position until the present. This position is that Palestine from river to sea must be liberated. Israel has no legitimacy to exist at all and must be destroyed.”

Continuing in his speech, Nasrallah vowed that actions such as sanctions would not deter them from their ultimate goal, likely in reference to US sanctions on Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah. US sanctions on different entities in the region have dealt a significant economic blow in the last few years.

Nasrallah would cite the United States as a major problem in the region, adding, “Therefore the real battle is with the US government. The US wages wars in the region to further establish Israel, including Saddam’s war against Iran, the war in Yemen. All the ways in the region the US is causing them to strengthen Israel’s position.”

When considering the threats of Nasrallah, one must remember that he doesn’t represent the majority of the populace of Lebanon. He represents Iran’s influence in Lebanon – a country diving into poverty and economic turmoil. In fact, they’ve dealt with several protests throughout the country from their citizens who stand in opposition to the corrupt regime government, largely influenced by Hezbollah.

Most of the Lebanese people see Lebanon as their homeland and they want to take it back. Iran sees it as an extension of their regime of terror.