Following the attack last week that consisted of close to 20 rockets being launched towards northern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has revealed the militant behind the attack.

Last week, a Hezbollah militant fired close to 20 rockets towards northern Israel, ten of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome, while only three landed in open fields. The other six landed inside of Lebanon. Following the attack, the IDF carried out a comprehensive airstrike in the area overnight.

On Monday, the IDF unveiled the man responsible for the rocket attack. His name is Ali Kajak. According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, Kajak had been seen a number of times in civilian clothing in close proximity to Israel’s border. An IDF spokesperson took to Twitter, reporting that he “was near the Israeli border a short while ago in civilian clothes-as is usual for Hezbollah terrorists, wearing civilian clothes- to violate international resolutions that bind the Lebanese state.”

Individuals from a Druze village close to the border reportedly stopped the military truck containing the rocket launchers and Kajak prior to the attack.

The spokesman continued, “Kajak fired rockets near the Druze village in order to implicate it like his border tours are aimed at implicating the Lebanese state. This is more proof of the terror party’s disregard for Lebanon’s sovereignty, Lebanese sects, and international resolutions.”

After the rockets were fired, Hezbollah did take credit for the attack.