Members of the Iranian-backed terror organization appeared on the scene post-explosion to conduct a ‘health services investigation’; France offered to send an investigation team to the site; Thousands of Lebanese people are calling for the removal of Iran from their country and demanding that Lebanon return to the French Mandate.

Adding insult to injury, members of the Iranian-sponsored terror regime, Hezbollah, were spotted at the scene of Tuesday’s explosion conducting a ‘health services investigation’. This comes after France offered to send in a team to investigate. The Iranian terror proxy has far more of a hold within the Lebanese government than most people realize, which makes a circumstance like this consist of even greater concern.

If the group that’s responsible for the explosion gets to oversee its investigation, can we really trust the information they’ll report?

The people of Lebanon have been protesting relentlessly over the last several months amid the crumbling economy, largely due to the corruption that Hezbollah has introduced to the government – and the people know it. Today, hundreds of people could be seen outside the location where French President Emmanuel Macron was meeting with the Lebanese leadership, yelling, “Iran, get out of Lebanon!” Additionally, over 53,000 citizens signed a petition to voice their disgust with their government, demanding to return to the French mandate. Again, this is largely due to Hezbollah’s presence.

While Hezbollah and the Iranians sought to immediately divert the attention to Israel and the United States, the Lebanese people were not convinced, which is why you’re seeing the protests and demands for Iran to leave their country.

Prior to the events of this week, Lebanon was already on the brink of an economic disaster. Adding to the reality that over 50% of the country was already in poverty, this explosion has left approximately 300,000 people homeless for the foreseeable future.