The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) downed a drone belonging to the terror proxy to the north after it illegally entered Israeli airspace.

In the latest activity between Israel and Hezbollah, the IDF downed a drone on Monday after it entered Israeli airspace illegally. The IDF reportedly tracked the drone for some time before eliminating it. Hezbollah – one of Iran’s many arms of terror in the region – is based in Lebanon. The Israeli military frequently encounters the terror proxy as it seeks to grow its presence in the Golan region.

Prior to what took place on Monday, it had been several weeks since one of Hezbollah’s drones crossed the northern border. However, even more recently, the IDF shot down at least four Hezbollah drones targeting an Israeli oil field in the Mediterranean Sea.

Following the downing of the drone, the IDF said, “The Israel Defense Forces will continue to operate in order to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty.”