Multiple states experienced attacks against Jewish people over the last week amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas (Gaza); Jewish groups appeal to the White House to condemn what is taking place.

Across the nation, the United States has been experiencing a significant rise in antisemitic attacks throughout the conflict between Israel and Hamas, based in Gaza. Jewish families and/or groups have been attacked in the streets and while eating. The recent uptick has caused multiple Jewish groups to appeal to the White House to bring accountability to the situation.

One of the more notable attacks involved a couple of Jewish men eating at a street-side restaurant in California, which a large group of pro-Palestinian individuals confronted. According to a witness, the confrontation quickly turned violent after the men admitted to being Jews when asked by the Palestinian sympathizer.

The Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union, and Hadassah all signed a letter to the United States president.

The letter reads, “We fear that the way the conflict has been used to amplify antisemitic rhetoric, embolden dangerous actors and attack Jews and Jewish communities will have ramifications far beyond these past two weeks. We urge you to speak out forcefully against this dangerous trend and stand alongside the Jewish community in the face of this wave of hate before it gets any worse.”

Attacks have also occurred throughout New York over the last two weeks, leading Governor Andrew Cuomo to say, “I unequivocally condemn these brutal attacks on visibly Jewish New Yorkers, and we will not tolerate antisemitic violent gang harassment and intimidation. Those of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities must be able to walk the streets safely and free from harassment and violence.”

He also added, “Justice needs to be done, and I am directing the New York State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to offer their assistance in the investigation of these attacks.”

These attacks happen to reveal that the target is not so much the land of Israel as it is the Jewish people.

The state of Florida also reported physical attacks on Jewish people during the conflict in the Middle East.