Former US ambassador was in Israel for a tour and US-Israel forum in Jerusalem; Haley addresses Iran, UN and ‘Deal of the Century’; Netanyahu: You were a great champion of US-Israel alliance; Haley: The better and stronger we make Israel, the safer we make the world.


Prime Minister Netanyahu met with the United States’ former ambassador to Israel, Nikki Haley, in Jerusalem on Thursday. Haley was in Israel for a short tour and to participate in the Israel Hayom Forum for US-Israel Relations, one of Israel’s leading newspapers.

Haley met the prime minister and his wife at their residence in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu again thanked the former ambassador for her rigid defense and advocation for the State of Israel at the United Nations. He praised her work and thanked her on behalf of the citizens of Israel, stating, “The entire people of Israel appreciate the extraordinary way that you represented our alliance between America and Israel and the way you defended Israel and the truth in the UN. You were a great champion of this alliance, and you have the enduring gratitude of all the people of Israel, really heartfelt. Thank you!”

Haley thanked Israel for its partnership with the United States and boasted on stronger bilateral ties under the Trump Administration. She stated to the prime minister, “Thank you for your hospitality and your friendship but more than that, thank you for your partnership. There have been some really great things between these two administrations and it has forever bonded us. We look forward to many, many more years of strength and partnership between Israel and the United States.”

The former UN ambassador gave an interview at the forum in Jerusalem on Thursday night. She answered questions about Iran, her time at the UN, and President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century.’ On the Bahrain workshop held this week, which she referred to as “courageous,” she addressed the Palestinian’s boycott stating, “We’re not going to beg the Palestinians to come to the peace table, but it says a lot about the PA [Palestinian Authority] that they wouldn’t want better for their own people. The Palestinians deserve better.”

When asked about her success in combatting Israel bias at the UN and methods, she stated, “We call them out, every time. The truth is always worth fighting for. Israel is the one bright spot in a really rough neighborhood. The better and stronger we make Israel, the safer we make the world.”

On Iran, and President Trump’s sanctions to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons, Haley stated from Jerusalem, “The Iranians were still testing ballistic missiles, still selling weapons, still supporting terrorism, and we were giving them money to do it. Defunding them slowed down the nuclear process, but it did not slow down their culture of hate.”

Photo: lev radin/