Google Cloud to buy Elastifile in the most recent acquisition of Israeli solution; Google released Elastifile Cloud File Service earlier this year.

Google announced on Wednesday that it would purchase the Israeli cloud storage company Elastifile Ltd. In a press release from Google, it confirmed the acquisition would be completed in 2019 and that the company would join Google Cloud. The two companies together will “support bringing traditional workloads into [Google’s cloud computing services] GCP faster and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute-intensive workloads” as well as “empower businesses to build industry-specific, high-performance applications that need petabyte-scale file storage more quickly and easily.”

Google Cloud recently released the Elastifile Cloud File Service, “the first fully-managed, scalable file storage service on GCP” which has been available for users for the past several months. In a press release from Elastifile, the company claimed that its partnership with Google will “enable us to serve the market with the best file storage service in any cloud, developed in a stimulating environment where our team members will continue to thrive.”

Elastifile has headquarters in both Israel and Santa Clara, California.

Earlier this year, NVIDIA Corporation announced it would purchase Israel’s Mellanox Technologies Ltd. for a reported $5.9 billion. As with most major acquisitions of Israeli technology and companies, Mellanox and NVIDIA collaborated on several projects for a decade before the purchase. Their most significant projects were the creation of the Sierra and Summit- the world’s fastest supercomputers.

Photo: Ken Wolter/