Germany has now officially banned the Iranian-backed terror regime of Hezbollah entirely; Raids are being conducted throughout the country targeting several supporters of the organization.

Thursday – After Germany officially banned all activity of the Iranian-backed terrorist group known as Hezbollah, officials began conducting raids throughout the country. These raids are targeting the approximate 1,000 individuals who have any association with the Islamic Shi’ite terrorist group.

Germany had already banned the military wing of Hezbollah, but it wasn’t until today that they banned the group as a whole. The raids primarily targeted mosques that are believed to belong to Hezbollah located in several different cities. Hezbollah’s major area of impact is in the Middle East – more specifically, Lebanon, where they’re currently dealing with a major uprising of the people who are ready to see them gone (to put it nicely).

Germany’s Interior Ministry noted that one purpose of the ban is because Hezbollah “calls for the violent elimination of the State of Israel and questions the right of the State of Israel to exist.”

The Interior Ministry further stated, “The organization is therefore fundamentally against the concept of international understanding, regardless of whether it presents itself as a political, social or military structure. Its violent denial of the right to exist of the State of Israel also fundamentally opposes Germany’s national ethos.”

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) shared in the praise of the decision and stated, “We now hope other European nations will take a close look at Germany’s decision and reach the same conclusion about the true nature of Hezbollah.”

This new reality could deal a blow to the Iranian regime who strongly depends on good standing with the European Union, primarily for trade advantages that side-step the current devastating US sanctions.