Police conducted raids in nine different locations on Chechen Muslims in order to prevent a high-level attack(s); Evidence showed that this group had already scouted the targets they intended to attack; Well over 150 police participated in the raids; Evidence also reveals that a Jewish synagogue and a shopping area were included in their targets.

Early on Tuesday morning, police in Berlin, Germany, carried out a series of nine raids in order to prevent what they believe was a mass terror attack that was to be carried out by a group of Chechen Muslims. Chechen, or Chechnya, is located northeast of Turkey, bordering Georgia. Chechnya is a “federal subject” of Russia. Reports indicate that both a Jewish Synagogue and a shopping area were among the several targets that were on their agenda.

There were approximately 180 police officials who participated in the raid on Tuesday. After the arrests of several military-age males that are “suspected of having scouted locations for a possible Islamist attack,” the Berlin attorney general’s office stated, “On suspicion of planning a serious violent act endangering the state, search warrants are being executed in Berlin, Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia.” Other items that were collected in the raid are cash, hard drives, and knives.

Interestingly, suspicions of the attack surfaced after the police found certain pictures on a phone belonging to one of the suspects involved during a routine security check. Video material of the synagogue was also found during the raid.