Israel’s defense minister toured the northern border this week amid concern of imminent Hezbollah-related activity.

The Jewish state has had no shortage of confrontations with the Iranian-backed terror proxy, Hezbollah, at its northern border with Lebanon. Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited the northern border this week to evaluate the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) military readiness in case of imminent activity.

As Gantz has warned the terror group before, he reminded it that it will suffer “heavy consequences” should it seek to attack Israel. He also voiced that he hopes they make the right decision.

As reported by The Times of Israel, Gantz said, “We are aware of Hezbollah’s attempts to challenge us in new ways. We will deal with any threat. If Hezbollah challenges the IDF and the State of Israel, it will suffer very, very heavy consequences and I hope they don’t do that.”

The DM met with senior IDF commanders and reassured listeners that Israel was prepared for any military confrontation, especially from Lebanon. He also addressed Iran’s influence in the region and doubled down on what he and other Israeli leaders have vowed numerous times – not to allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.