Several Iranian casualties are reported after a naval friendly-fire incident occurred in the Gulf of Oman during a training exercise; It is believed that at least 19 individuals are dead with 15 injured.

Reports began surfacing on Sunday evening after a friendly-fire incident occurred in the Gulf of Oman that left 19 Iranian sailors dead and 15 injured. More specifically, the incident occurred at the Port of Jask, which is located nearly 800 miles south of Tehran. Iranian state media originally reported at least one casualty, a number that changed soon after.

The incident took place during an Iranian naval training exercise when one of Iran’s support ships, the Konarak, was struck by a C-802 120KM range missile that was fired from a Jamaran ship. Media sources report that the Konarak was responsible for setting up targets for the exercise when the event occurred. Reports suggest that the ship had just finished setting up a target prior to being struck by the missile.

This is the second fatal Iranian missile-related incident to happen since the beginning of the year, after Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner carrying 176 civilians. All of them were killed.