In what is reported to be his first public remarks on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Jewish State that it must not lose sight of what Iran is doing while the world is focused on the war to the north.

While the world’s eyes remain fixed on the war between Russia and Ukraine, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned his government concerning the country’s more immediate threat – the world’s number one sponsor of terror – Iran. The public remarks by Netanyahu were his first since the onset of the war after Russia invaded Ukraine last week.

Netanyahu cautioned the Israeli government after it made several comments about the conflict, emphasizing the need to focus on Israel’s biggest threat. He said, “I call on the government to behave responsibly, to speak less about what they don’t need to talk about, and to deal more with existential security threats.”

Concerning the reality that the nuclear discussions in Vienna seem to be progressing towards a favorable outcome for Tehran, Netanyahu said, “The nuclear deal with Iran threatens our existence, and on this very issue, Bennett and Lapid aren’t saying anything and aren’t doing anything.”

In recent weeks it surfaced that Tehran is just steps away from acquiring a nuclear weapon, which was overlooked by the masses due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While the nuclear talks favor Iran, the US recently reported that multiple barriers still exist.