Following a decade in Israel, Ford opens innovation center for cooperation and research with Israeli high tech, startups, and cybersecurity companies; Ford: center provides an opportunity to join a growing innovation community in Israel.


Ford Motor Company opened its much-anticipated research hub in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, a move the company’s executive chairman, Bill Ford Jr., said will “make it easier for Israeli entrepreneurs not only to find us but also to get to know us.” Ford has been in Israel for over a decade and has targeted Israeli technology and innovation given the shift in autonomous cars and sensors, working and scouting Israeli tech within the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and much more.

In a speech given by Ford marking the opening of the research center, he claimed “We recognize the importance of being in one of the world’s leading innovation communities and ecosystems. This new center is not only an expansion of our existing Research and Innovation centers but provides an opportunity to join a growing innovation community in Israel.”

According to a press release from Ford on the innovation hub in Israel, “The new center will serve as a research hub augmenting Ford’s global Research and Advanced Engineering team. It will also support Ford’s automotive and mobility businesses by identifying technologies and start-up companies in the fields of connectivity, sensors, automated-systems research, in-vehicle monitoring, and cybersecurity… [and] will play a significant role as Ford pursues its vision to become the world’s most trusted company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world.

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Photo: Steve Lagreca/