Lebanese President Michel Aoun hinted at the possibility of peace talks with the Jewish State following the newfound relationship between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

After the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel last week, Lebanese President Michel Aoun left room for the possibility of peace with the Jewish State. When asked about the possibility of peace, Aoun stated, “That depends. We have problems with Israel, we have to resolve them first.”

Aoun is cited by some to be responsible for Hezbollah’s significant impact in Lebanese affairs, as his Christian Free Patriotic Movement has a political alliance with the terror proxy. With Hezbollah having such a hold in the government, it’s tough to imagine how peace could be possible in the near future.

In response to the decision by the UAE, Aoun acknowledged that the UAE is an “independent country”.

On the contrary, officials from Kuwait vowed that they will forever stand by the Palestinian cause and that they’ll be the last to agree to diplomatic relations. They stated, “Our stance on Israel has not changed, following the UAE normalization agreement, and we will be the last to normalize relations.”