The IDF hit several Hamas-related locations overnight on Thursday as the chief of staff warned Israeli soldiers to prepare for the conflict to resume.

Following Israel’s retaliatory strikes overnight on Tuesday in response to numerous fires caused by incendiary balloons launched from Gaza, the IDF carried out heavy attacks on Thursday. The airstrikes on Thursday evening were prompted by more balloons being launched from the Strip during the day, which resulted in more fires in southern Israel.

According to Israeli Fire and Rescue Services, there were at least eight new fires on Thursday. The IDF, taking responsibility for the strikes, said that “The attack was carried out in response to the continued launching of incendiary balloons at Israeli territory.”

After Tuesday’s airstrikes that targeted Hamas military interests, the IDF said it hit a compound being used for terror-related activity. However, according to reports, the strikes on Thursday were far more severe. Israel’s military reportedly hit Hamas interests in Beit Lahiya, Gaza City, and close to Khan Younis. Some of the sites targeted include Hamas military posts, underground rocket launchers, and more.

Hamas is said to have fired one rocket in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the IDF, the chief of staff issued a warning for the military to be prepared to resume fighting at any time, referring to the 11-day exchange between the two parties back in May.

Thursday’s strikes targeted the most assets belonging to Hamas since last month’s conflict.