After a Syrian anti-aircraft missile exploded over Israel on Wednesday morning local time, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) took aim at Syrian anti-aircraft batteries in the vicinity of Damascus; IDF: The IDF will continue to protect Israel’s airspace and security.

During the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, the IDF hit Syrian military assets near Damascus after a Syrian anti-aircraft missile reportedly exploded in the skies over the Jewish State. According to the Syrian military and other sources, the missile was fired in response to initial Israeli airstrikes in the region. Debris from the projectile landed in an Arab-controlled town located southwest of Nazareth.

Israel reportedly carried out attacks via Lebanese airspace just after midnight and would later fire rockets from the Golan region in response to the Syrian missile that exploded.

According to the IDF, it specifically targeted anti-aircraft batteries belonging to the Syrian military, successfully hitting them. At least one Syrian fighter was killed as well.

The IDF said, “In response to the anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria earlier tonight, we just struck surface-to-air missile targets in Syria, including radar & anti-aircraft batteries.” The military added, “The IDF will continue to protect Israel’s airspace and security.”