The US received the Iron Dome defense system over 8 months ago and ran its first series of tests in New Mexico; The tests revealed how Iron Dome would respond to a variety of different enemy projectiles.

Approximately 8 months ago, the US military acquired the elite Iron Dome missile defense system from Israel’s Rafael, IAI Elta, and mPrest. As of this week, it’s reported that the US conducted several tests this summer with the system, involving a wide range of potential threats, including rockets, missiles, drones, and more. As reported by The Times of Israel, Iron Dome is also capable of shooting down mortars and cruise missiles since receiving an upgrade.

The preliminary tests are reported to have taken place in New Mexico. The US is still determining where they will eventually deploy the systems.

Iron Dome is heavily relied upon by the Jewish State for daily defense purposes, especially due to the rise of Iranian aggression via its proxies throughout the region, namely in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. Back in May, close to 6,000 rockets were fired from Gaza, 95% of which were shot down by Iron Dome.