High-ranking Israeli and US officials departed Tel Aviv for Rabat on Tuesday in the first direct flight between the two countries following their normalization of diplomatic ties earlier in December.

An Israel-US delegation departed Tel Aviv for Rabat on Tuesday in what was the first direct flight between the two destinations. High-ranking officials from both Israel and the US were onboard the flight, including Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner and Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat among many others.

Israel’s El Al facilitated the flight out of Tel Aviv.

Kushner stressed the need for Jews and Muslims to begin living in unity in the region and praised this new agreement between Israel and Morocco as another step in that direction. He said, “What we are seeing now is a restoration of that norm (coexistence) and coming to a place where we can have that understanding – that will bring us to a much more peaceful Middle East and a much more peaceful world.”

Moroccan Tourism Minister Nadia Fettah Alaoui reportedly told i24 News that “This type of agreement with Israel will help have a better interaction between communities and people.”

Ben-Shabbat added to the excitement of the trip stating that “history is being written before our eyes.”

Upon arrival, both Israel and the US were expected to sign the initial documents of the agreement with Morocco. As part of the agreement, the US recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Both nations (Israel and Morocco) are expected to be reopening offices in each other’s respective country soon.