The source of the fire remains unknown, though one individual stated that the fire began in a storage area; The incident follows a series of mysterious fires taking place throughout the Islamic Republic over the last year.

The Islamic Republic experienced another spontaneous fire on Monday when a facility known for beverage production went up in flames. Much like the string of fires that took place last summer in Iran, similar events have been occurring over the last several weeks in locations such as oil facilities, a drone factory, a steel factory, and more. Monday’s fire occurred in Behnoush, which is located west of Tehran.

No casualties occurred during the fire, and in a change of course from what is typically reported, a spokesman for the facility ruled out the possibility of sabotage. The speculation of sabotage has been on the rise as tension has mounted between Iran and Israel. And as Yossi Cohen recently departed from the position as Israel’s Mossad Chief, he and PM Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that Israel has certainly had a role in the events in Iran over the last couple of years.

Monday’s fire follows the sinking of Iran’s largest naval ship last week and an explosion at a steel factory over the weekend. While the spokesman ruled out sabotage, like the rest of the occurrences, a thorough explanation for the source could not be given.