A small fire was ignited at a petrochemical plant in southwestern Iran in the Khuzestan Province; Iranian officials report that it was a very minor fire and claim it occurred because of natural weather conditions.

SUNDAY – Another incident occurred in Iran when a petrochemical plant in Mahshahr caught on fire. Mahshahr is located in the Khuzestan Province of the Islamic Republic, which is located in the southwestern portion of the country.

While the source of the fire still remains unknown, Iranian officials are claiming that the fire broke out due to natural causes such as the weather and dry climate. One individual said, “Due to the weather conditions of the region in the summer and the high temperature these days, the likelihood of such incidents occurring is very high.”

Supposedly, the fire was only active for about 30 minutes before being extinguished. One official stated, “Fortunately the fire did not cause any loss of life or property.”

Similar to the other events happening in recent days and weeks throughout the country, Iranian officials have pivoted away from the likely source of the incident.