A Lebanese national is being charged after visiting the Jewish State; She’s being accused of collaborating with the enemy; Several Lebanese people are demanding her release.

Kinda El-Khatib, a female Lebanese national, is being charged by Fadi Akiki, Government Commissioner to the Military Court Judge, and referred to a military prosecutor after visiting Israel in recent weeks. She’s being accused of ‘dealing with spies of the Israeli enemy.’

It’s reported that she was able to enter Israel via her trip to Jordan with her brother, who was also arrested but eventually released. Due to the current military conflict between Israel and Lebanon, each country forbids its citizens to travel into the other.

El-Khatib is an outspoken critic of her corrupt government and its ties to the Iranian terror proxy known as Hezbollah. It is additionally reported that dozens of Lebanese people are protesting her apprehension and demanding that she be released.