The FBI suggests that the explosion that took place in the Port of Beirut approximately one year ago included only a fraction of the ammonium nitrate delivered in 2013.

According to a newly-unveiled report from the FBI, the massive explosion that occurred in the Port of Beirut nearly one year ago consisted of only one-fifth of the original amount that was delivered to Lebanon in 2013. Of course, this news causes serious concerns regarding the location of the remaining missing amount throughout the region.

The capital city of Lebanon was rocked by this blast last August, killing at least 200 people and wounding a multitude more. Additionally, the structural damage that took place was unprecedented, displacing a large number of people.

Investigations by the FBI revealed that just over 550 tonnes of the substance were involved in last year’s explosion. However, the original amount that was delivered exceeded 2,750 tonnes. Currently, there are no suggestions concerning the location or destination of the missing amount.