The individual is believed to have been ranked as high as second in command and was killed during an operation in eastern Afghanistan.

Over the weekend, Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) revealed that a senior Al Qaeda leader was killed during a military operation that took place in the Ghazni Province, which is located in the eastern region of Afghanistan. The individual is reported to have been on the FBI Most Wanted list as well, primarily for plotting to kill US personnel, as well as his involvement in other acts of terror.

Following the death of Masri, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani put the Taliban on notice stating, “The Taliban must prove to the Afghan people, the government and the international community through actions that they will sever ties with all terrorist networks and groups, including Al Qaeda, renounce war and violence, and accept a permanent cease-fire to ensure lasting and dignified peace in the country.”

Abu Muhsin al-Masri, who is believed to have been second in command for the terror group, was an Egyptian national named Husam Abd-al-Ra’uf. He is reported to have been among six who were killed in this operation that was carried out by Afghan forces.