Another Israeli strike occurred in Syria overnight on Wednesday, resulting in multiple casualties; Syrian air defense systems were reportedly activated; Several sites were targeted in the strikes.

Syrian State media outlets reported that the country’s air defense systems were activated overnight on Wednesday in response to a series of Israeli strikes in the region. Namely, the Homs province. According to reports that followed, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) hit several different targets throughout the region, including a site close to the recently-targeted T-4 Airbase outside of Palmyra.

One Syrian media outlet reported, “At around 23:34 the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression… on the area of Palmyra targeting a communication tower and several positions in its vicinity.”

According to initial reports, three Iranian-backed militias were killed during the airstrike, as well as one Syrian fighter. Several more were wounded.

While previous attacks have often been carried out via Lebanese airspace, Wednesday night’s strikes were conducted using Jordanian airspace close to the border of Iraq and Syria.