At least a pair of individuals from the United States were injured in what is reported as a drone attack in northern Iraq on Wednesday; Reports suggest the drone dropped explosives near US personnel at the Erbil airport.

Wednesday marked what is the first known explosive attack on US forces to be carried out via unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Erbil Airport in northern Iraq. Initially, there were no reports of any casualties as a result of the strike. However, at least one source has reported that two people were injured.

This same area was attacked back in February in an attempt to target US troops, which resulted in the killing of one foreign contractor working for the US.

Several reports suggest that Iranian-sponsored militias are responsible for the strike, as has been the case in previous attacks in the region earlier this year.

Another attack occurred on Wednesday in the Bashiqa region, leading to the death of a Turkish soldier, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry. And just hours later, more rockets landed at a Shi’ite Muslim militia site near the Turkish base. It remains unknown regarding who fired these rockets, but at least one injury is reported.