Another drone attack is reported to have taken place at an Iraqi military base housing US troops; The attack targeted the Victory Base Complex close to the Baghdad International Airport.

According to reports, a pair of explosive drones targeted the Victory Base Complex on Monday near the Baghdad International Airport. Like others throughout Iraq, this particular base houses US troops and has been a hotspot for attacks via Iranian-backed militia groups in the past.

Since the Biden administration took control of the White House in January, militia attacks on US targets have increased as Tehran seeks to push America’s presence out of the region. According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, there have been approximately 45 attacks on US interests in Iraq so far in 2021 alone.

Hinting Iran’s involvement in the attack, an Iranian news outlet reported, “Sabereen News, a Telegram news channel associated with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, better known as Hashd al-Shaabi, reported that two fixed-wing combat drones laden with explosives had struck targets inside Victory base early on Tuesday.”

The Iranian report stated that air defense systems were unable to prevent the drones. Drone attacks have increased in recent months, as the deadly projectiles were involved in the recent 11-day conflict between Hamas and Israel.

No injuries or casualties were reported in the attack that occurred on Monday.