The Iranian proxies are suspected to be responsible for the attack that targeted the BW Rhine oil tanker; The attack occurred via a boat equipped with explosives.

In what is believed by some to have been another attack by Houthi Rebels on Saudi interests, the BW Rhine oil tanker was struck by a smaller boat equipped with explosives on Monday. The BW Rhine was struck at Saudi Arabia’s port of Jeddah, and no one on the ship is reported to have been injured. Though Saudi officials did not name a specific country or group responsible for the attack, they identified it as a “terrorist” attack.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) initially stated that “The incident did not result in any casualties, and there was no damage caused to the unloading facilities, nor any effect on supplies. These acts of terrorism and vandalism, directed against vital installations, go beyond the kingdom and its vital facilities, to the security and stability of energy supplies to the world and the global economy.”

Damage to the vessel is said to have occurred, but to what extent remains in question.

Houthi Rebels based in Yemen, which are a proxy of the Iranians, are certainly suspected of having been involved in some capacity, if not completely. In November, the Houthis attacked a Greek-operated oil tanker at a separate location in Saudi Arabia. No injuries were reported.