The European Union is prepared to vote on sanctions towards Turkey in September; The decision comes as Turkey continues to antagonize Greece in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Amid Turkey’s continued antagonization of Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the European Union (EU) has scheduled a vote to implement sanctions on September 24th. Turkey has continued to violate international sovereignty in recent weeks and months as they’ve progressed in their hunt for new oil resources in the Great Sea.

One of the most recent events took place when Turkey deliberately ignored both of the country’s sovereignty and entered international waters with one of their research ships, accompanied by military vessels and aircraft.

One of the EU’s top officials, Josep Borrell stated that the EU wanted to provide “a serious chance to dialogue” but is prepared to be tough on Turkey if necessary. He added, “We must walk a fine line between preserving a true space for dialogue and at the same time showing collective strength in the defense of our common interests.”

At this point, the only thing that would prevent the vote from happening – which includes intense economic sanctions – is if Turkey were to implement measures to reduce their tension with their Mediterranean neighbors.