European government ‘experts’ have come to the conclusion that border checks would create more damage than necessary; Isolated quarantine remains their preferred strategy; The final decision is made by national authorities, not the EU.

On Thursday, EU officials announced that while they’re reinforcing their strategy for containing the CoVid-19 (coronavirus) virus, they believe it’s best not to implement additional border screening for people who are potentially carrying the virus. At this time, they’re recommending the policy of isolated quarantine. This is somewhat of a surprising announcement considering the rapid spread of the virus throughout Italy.

Though this is the position of several European Union government ‘experts’, it doesn’t necessarily represent the thinking of every European national leader, and ultimately, the decision to implement border checks is under the jurisdiction of each nation. One official that is warning against border checks stated that “Refusal of entry is not considered an appropriate preventive or remedial measure as the virus would spread further.” The basis for the argument is built on the negative effect border checks supposedly had during the migration disaster in 2015.

So far, Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Greece, and Switzerland have all reported cases of the coronavirus that were found in people who had recently travelled to Italy. Italy itself has reported 12 deaths from the virus so far and hundreds of cases.