Two-week rescue drill held in Israel; Unit 669 with participants from 6 countries trained and held defense and offense drills.


An elite unit of the Israel Air Force and IDF concluded Israel’s first, largest-to-date rescue drill with six participating countries.

The drill “Sky Angels” was held by Israel’s elite search and rescue unit, Unit 669, with participants from Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States. The drill was based at the Palmachim Airbase with drills and training held throughout Israel. The nearly two-week drill consisted of both defense and offensive scenarios, training and war scenarios.

According to an official from the drill, its purpose was to “improve the operational knowledge of the unit and learn from other sources and their experiences”. Drills focused on “combat rescue, rescue in urban regions, rescue operations, work with helicopters, advanced medical treatment and management of complex, multi-casualty incidents.” According to one of the commanders of the drill, Sky Angels “was an opportunity to see different combat doctrines of our own, learn new weapons and improve our capabilities from mutual learning.”

The Israel Air Force reported that one of the simulations held was of Israel’s recent search and rescue mission to Jordan. In late October, the IDF, Israeli Air Force and Police assisted Jordan in a search and rescue mission after a children’s school bus was swept away in flash floods. The Air Force confirmed it sent helicopters and Israeli Police confirmed it sent search and rescue teams, as well as medical aid and teams. Israeli NGO’s also assisted.

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