Nearly a dozen individuals are reported to have been injured and three were killed on Thursday; The suspects remain unknown, though the region is dealing with a conflict with ISIS.

Three Egyptian security forces were killed on Thursday, and an additional ten were injured after a couple of roadside bombs detonated within a short time span of each other. The explosions took place on the Sinai Peninsula at two different checkpoints in the town of Sheikh Zuweid. It is reported that the first bomb killed one person and injured seven more before the second bomb killed two and injured three others.

Though currently, no suspects have been identified, the Egyptians have been confronted with a resurgence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has been targeting a range of people, including Egyptian Christians. It is also reported that Egyptian forces killed ISIS militants in Sheikh Zuweid on Thursday.

ISIS has been active in the region for some time, and more recently, the terrorist group took responsibility for an explosion that occurred in the northern region of the Peninsula, where a pipeline running from Israel to Egypt was targeted.