Reports indicate that at least 40 industrial incinerators have arrived in Wuhan; it is believed that they’re being used to destroy hazardous medical material and animal carcasses that could otherwise spread the disease, also raising serious concern as to the actual death count.

Following Monday’s move to send one industrial size incinerator to the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, at least 40 incinerators are reported to have been moved to Wuhan, China. While the reasoning is said to be for destroying medical waste and animal carcasses, this move is causing serious concern regarding the actual death count as a result of the virus. Regardless, these incinerators can process up to 5 tons of waste per day, equaling roughly 200 tons in total if not more between all of them combined.

“Officially”, the virus has killed over 2,100 people but there is a serious concern that this number is severely short of reality.