Syrian regime claims rebel forces carried out chemical attack on West Aleppo; Russia confirms attack, reports chlorine gas used, carries out its own investigation; Over 70 injured with no deaths reported.


Close to 70 Syrian civilians were hospitalized after a chemical attack in West Aleppo, Syria on Saturday night.

According to reports, dozens are being treated for what is believed to have been a missile chlorine attack by rebel forces in southern Syria. Syrian media and Assad’s regime reported Sunday morning that the attacks were carried out on al-Khalidiya by anti-Assad forces.

Doctors have reported patients suffering from breathing and vision problems from the chemical attack, with residents of Aleppo reporting gas smells following the missile attack on Saturday.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, confirmed the attacks, releasing the statement Sunday “from preliminary investigation… the shells that were fired at residential areas of Aleppo had been filled with chlorine.”

The spokesman reported that Russian chemical, radiation and biological reconnaissance vehicles had been deployed to the region attacked and an investigation under way, reporting Russian forces are helping the injured and will “monitor the situation in the area where the militants used poisonous substances.”

Both Aleppo and Idlib have been under attack following a ceasefire that went into effect in recent weeks as rebel forces continue to fight Assad’s regime.



Photo: UzFoto/