The Israeli-based food-tech company has created a healthy alternative to pure sugar while keeping the taste sought by consumers; Studies indicate that Incredo Sugar is able to reduce sugar content by up to 50%.

Several studies around the globe indicate the dangers of an excessive amount of sugar. In fact, studies reveal that too much sugar is often the root of different physical conditions like diabetes, liver disease, weight gain, and high blood pressure. To make matters worse, the average person consumes far more sugar than they need to – without even trying. And while several sugar replacements have been offered throughout the years, they too have their deficiencies.

So, how does one keep the sweet taste of sugar in their food while reducing its negative long-term effects?

Israel’s DouxMatok Ltd, established in 2014, has produced what happens to be something that takes a giant leap in such a direction. Incredo Sugar, which holds several patents and is their first product, “improves the efficiency of sugar delivery to the sweet taste receptors and enhances the perception of sweetness, enabling substantial sugar reduction without compromising taste, mouthfeel, or texture.”

Furthermore, the company reveals that consumer trials and expert sensory panel tests prove that it is possible to reduce the sugar content in an array of food products anywhere from 30%-50%. And while doing so, they’re able to maintain the sweetness that consumers love. Incredo Sugar is reported to have proven itself reliable in foods like cake, cereal, and different bars.

“DouxMatok is the first company to have developed a real sugar-based sugar reduction solution which achieves enhanced perception of sweetness while actually using less sugar. Our first product is Incredo® Sugar – the real happy sugar, which is based on natural cane or beet sugar. Incredo® enables substantial sugar reduction without compromising taste, mouthfeel, or texture.”

Amazingly, they’re able to purify sugars from any sort of granulated raw sugar product like sugarcane or beet, and they avoid using any new artificial molecules.

As reported in an article from nocamels in 2020, they are poised to target salt intake next.

According to DouxMatok, and aside from the serious health concerns connected to the overconsumption of sugar, the need for a product like Incredo Sugar is threefold:

-Global food-related epidemics are on the rise

-Consumers are looking for healthier solutions

-Food regulations and taxes are in place around the world

However, though a commercial product like this is likely to have strong demand from consumers, Incredo Sugar is only available to consumer accounts, some bakeries, and other food companies, primarily in Israel. That being said, the product will now be sold to companies throughout the US in 2021.

Incredo Sugar is in cooperation with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as well as the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).