Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran, their deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, has tested positive for the virus; Iran is becoming a serious concern throughout the region when it comes to the virus because numerous cases have surfaced with many taking the virus to nearby countries from Iran.

After a press conference on Monday, it was revealed Iran’s deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, has been diagnosed with CoVid-19, the coronavirus. Harirchi could be seen wiping his facial sweats at the press conference.

After making it public news that he’s been diagnosed with the virus, Harirchi communicated that he’s already begun the quarantine process and is taking medication. In addition to Harirchi, another Iranian official, Mahmoud Sadeghi, tested positive for the virus and sadly, he’s not convinced that he has much of a chance to survive.

Second to China, Iran has recorded the most deaths worldwide in comparison to any other country. While several airlines and countries have suspended all flights to Iran, there remains a serious threat of viral spread throughout the Middle East. Several surrounding countries have already been affected by people travelling back from Iran. Bahrain just reported 6 new cases from people returning from Iran.