As rocket fire continued throughout Israel on Tuesday night, more injuries and casualties took place; Among those whose lives were taken are Israeli Arabs and other civilians; An elderly person died of a heart attack while fleeing for shelter.

Hamas continued to unleash rockets throughout Tuesday night, which was also met with severe responses from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as several buildings collapsed on the Gaza Strip. However, while the Iron Dome has been unquestionably successful in its interception of enemy projectiles, some rockets did land inside of Israel, killing multiple civilians and injuring others.

Among those killed were a 52-year-old man, Khalil Awad, and his 16-year-old daughter, Nadin – both of whom were Arab-Israeli citizens. They were killed when a rocket made direct contact with the vehicle they were travelling in. Another female was killed when a rocket hit next to her home, and her neighbor died of a heart attack. Furthermore, a man in his 80s also died of a heart attack while fleeing for shelter.

Seven Israelis have been killed with dozens injured. As of Wednesday evening, bomb shelters in Eilat (located on the Red Sea) are open, as well as those in northern Israel. Recent reports suggest that the leader of Hamas’ brother was killed in an Israeli strike.