Advanced Israeli missile technology known as ‘David’s Sling’ has been captured by the Syrians and handed over to the Russians inside of Syria; The Russians intend to study the technology back in Moscow.

The Russian military has received advanced Israeli missile technology by the title of ‘David’s Sling’. The product is currently on its way to Moscow for further study.

After detecting two missiles that were launched from Syria in the direction of the Golan Heights in 2018, David’s Sling was utilized for the first time upon its completion of testing. While one of the projectiles launched from David’s Sling was able to destroy one of the Soviet-era missiles heading toward Israel, the other landed inside of Syria.

Reports indicate that the Syrian military sent out a crew to search for the missile, which they indeed found with minimal damage done to it. From there, they handed it over to the Russians who immediately flew it back to Moscow for investigation of the technology.

David’s Sling is capable of detecting missiles and other projectiles that are up to 400 miles in the distance.