The Israeli Air Force carried out significant strikes on Iranian targets near Damascus overnight on Tuesday; At least one facility storing missiles was targeted; Syrian air defense systems responded.

In what is reported as the first Israeli strike in Syria in approximately a month, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted several Iranian assets in the Damascus region overnight including weapons depot(s) and other facilities. The attack was carried out via Lebanese airspace and is considered one of the more significant strikes this year.

At least one Syrian media outlet reported that air defense systems were activated. However, they were not effective to the point of deterring the strike. As reported by The Times of Israel, a military source stated, “Our air defense array confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and there were material losses only.”

Despite the claim of only material loss, nearly a dozen fighters, all Syrian, are reported to have been killed in additional airstrikes near Homs. In addition to Homs and Damascus, strikes occurred in Latakia, Banias, and Tartus.

Included in the material losses was at least one surface-to-air missile storage facility belonging to the Iranian-backed groups – a location where rockets were transformed into precision-guided missiles. Another source stated that several explosions were felt in and around Damascus.