Israel is beginning to experience more recoveries from the virus than newly confirmed cases; The number of individuals using a medical ventilator is also on the decline; Israel believes the peak of the outbreak is behind them.

In the last 72 hours, Israel has experienced more recoveries from COVID-19 than newly confirmed cases. Since the outbreak, this is the first time that recoveries have outweighed new cases for three consecutive days.

On Friday, there were over 220 cases compared to over 300 recoveries. Saturday, there were over 280 new cases compared to approximately 330 recoveries. And on Sunday alone, there were over 220 new cases compared to nearly 300 recoveries. Even the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, where the virus was spreading quickly, are seeing signs of improvement.

Adding to the good news coming out of the Jewish State, the number of individuals using medical ventilators is also on the decline, dropping from 137 to 109. Sadly, part of the reason for the decrease in ventilators is because some patients in critical condition have passed.

Israel believes the peak of the outbreak is behind them at this point. Israel has also been producing their own ventilators throughout this pandemic and running tests on different medicines and devices. They’re currently testing a breath-analyzing device that is said to be able to detect the virus in less than one minute.

On Sunday, they reopened their economy with certain health requirements and ongoing business restrictions such as no malls or open-air markets.

The Israelis are finding that the recovery process can take 4-6 weeks while people can be diagnosed within 10 days. This means the recovery rate is a lot slower than the infection rate, so, if the recovery rate is much slower and beginning to outnumber the infection rate, this is a very positive sign.