The company hit by the attack on Monday is one of the Islamic Republic’s largest steel production facilities; The entity claiming responsibility for the hack is not well known; Three separate plants were hit.

The Islamic Republic was struck by a cyberattack on Monday that resulted in a significant delay in steel production in the country. Khuzestan Steel Co. – the company hit by the attack, is one of Iran’s leading steel production companies. The other two sites that were targeted are recognized as two of Iran’s other top entities when it comes to steel production.

Following the attack, the hacker(s) claiming to be responsible posted online that the cyberattack was in response to the “aggression of the Islamic Republic.” Gonjeshke Darande – the group claiming responsibility – posted a video online of one of the machines at the main plant experiencing a disruption that resulted in a fire. The group is not well known.

While the specific identity of this group remains unknown, there is already speculation that Israel’s Mossad may have been involved as cyberattacks between Iran and the Jewish State have remained consistent in recent months.