Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to begin the annexation of all settlements in the Jordan Valley if reelected; This step would be in sync with the United States administration and grant complete Israeli sovereignty over the valley; Netanyahu: This is a historic opportunity that we may not have again.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a shocking revelation, in that, if he were to be reelected as Prime Minister of Israel, he would begin the complete annexation of all settlements in the West Bank, or, Judea & Samaria. The beginning of this process would take place in the Jordan Valley, granting complete Jewish sovereignty to the area. This move would be in sync with the current United States administration, and Netanyahu believes it’s a move that can be accomplished without the removal of any Palestinians. He would be the first PM to ever make this commitment since 1967.

Netanyahu told his audience at Ramat Gan’s Kfar Hamaccabiah Hotel, “This is a historic opportunity that we may not have again.” The council sided with his case, agreeing as to the significance of these settlements being a legitimate part of the state of Israel. The West Bank has been and is currently “under the control” of the Palestinian people. In 1967, during the Six-Day war, Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem, however, in 1993, Israel began to gradually allow the Palestinians to expand self-governance over the region.

To America’s dismay, President George W. Bush and his administration played a major role in pressuring Israel out of the West Bank and dividing up God’s covenant land to a people to whom it does not belong. Additionally, President Bush strongly encouraged a Palestinian state and refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, though, believe it or not, the US Congress urged him to do so!

President Donald Trump intends to release his Middle East peace plan, The Deal of the Century, the day after the Israeli election. This comes at a tense time, considering the release of his National Security Advisor, John Bolton. While most of the details of this plan are unknown, something that is known is that there will no longer be a two-state solution. Coincidentally, this move by PM Netanyahu will begin the process of the removal of a sovereign Palestinian state within the land of Israel.

Why Does the West Bank Matter?

The West Bank is a critical portion of the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants. Its proper title is Judea & Samaria. Israel regaining sovereignty over this large portion of land is beyond significant for the Jewish state. The invasion by Israel’s enemies will come at a time when they are dwelling safely in the land God has given them. Furthermore, the land needs to be in their control. We live in a time when Israel is gaining more and more control of the land God has given them, and Jerusalem is becoming the epicenter of the world’s attention. Time and time again, historical artifacts are being located in around Jerusalem, only making a stronger case as to who the land belongs. In recent days, an artifact was found near the temple mount with the name of David’s son, Adoniyahu, inscribed on it. Could it be, that after the annexation of the West Bank, the focus will take a hard shift to East Jerusalem? Time will tell.