Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed precise information regarding Hezbollah-related explosive locations throughout Beirut earlier this week; Suspicion is growing concerning more Iranian-related sanctions from the US.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an extremely revealing speech to the United Nations earlier this week, wherein he disclosed multiple civilian-populated locations that Hezbollah is using to shield its explosive sites. Sadly, it’s not surprising to know that the Iranian-sponsored terror regime is involved in such plots. However, there is growing concern that more explosions could very well take place in the future, similar to what transpired in early August killing over 200 people.

Multiple US politicians responded to this unveiling by the prime minister, expressing their serious concerns accompanied by their calls for more sanctions on the source. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted, “Deeply disturbed by @netanyahu’s #UNGA presentation on Hezbollah’s use of human shields. As @AcrossTheBay outlined, the U.S. knows who’s doing it & its long past time for the administration to impose sanctions mandated by my 2018 human shields law.”

Additionally, Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI), tweeted, “following @IsraeliPM’s UNGA speech, there can be no doubt that Hezbollah is using civilians as human shields. It’s past time for the Treasury Department to impose sanctions – mandated by my bill, the Shields Act – on anyone complicit in these war crimes.”

The Shields Act would force the POTUS to provide information regarding individuals associated with Hamas and/or Hezbollah who are involved in shielding themselves via civilian population. Those involved would then be sanctioned.

This isn’t the first time that Netanyahu has revealed exact details to the United Nations regarding the deceptive, dangerous plans of Iran and its proxies. He did something similar in 2019 when he pointed out specific locations where Iran was violating the terms of the Iran Nuclear Deal. This information proved the Islamic Republic had been violating the terms for some time.