One civilian contractor from an undisclosed country was killed and others were wounded after a Shiite militia group fired more than a dozen rockets at a US base in northern Iraq; The group is believed to be backed by the Iranians.

On Monday, a Shiite militia group believed to be sponsored by the Iranian regime attacked a US base in Erbil, Iraq. The attack led to the death of one military contractor working for the US that was from a country that was not disclosed. Additionally, at least nine others were injured. Erbil is located in northern Iraq, 12 hours due west of Iran’s capital city of Tehran.

The attack was carried out by a lesser-known militia group who calls themselves Saraya Awliya al-Dam, which translates to “First Blood Company”. This is just one of many smaller Iranian proxies in the Middle East. The group fired at least 14 rockets at the base, three of which that were identified as 107mm rockets landed within its walls. One of those injured is a member of the US military, and Iraqi civilians were wounded as well.

The new US administration has voiced its anger over the strike(s). And with this proxy likely having ties to Iran, the Biden administration may be facing one of its first tests regarding foreign policy, especially concerning the Islamic Republic and its proxies.

Defense One revealed photos that display the extent of the structural damage following the attack that is being designated as the deadliest attack of its kind in almost a year.