ISIS militants held in northeastern Syria escape from prison after bombings by Turkey; The prison is located in Qamishli city, Syria; Female ISIS prisoners at a camp in al-Hawl create an uprising against security forces.

As Turkey is continuing to carry out frequent strikes within Syria, ISIS prisoners are now on the loose from one of the prisons where they were being held in Qamishli City. ‘Shelling’ from the Turkish strikes in the immediate area is said to have played a role in this.

Not only have a handful of ISIS militant prisoners escaped, but women who are associated with the terror group have also created an uprising in al-Hawl, where they’re being held inside of a camp. Reports indicate that the set some of the structure on fire and began attacking security forces with rocks and sticks.

Unfortunately, more chaos like this is likely to follow, as Turkey seems hellbent on its agenda to clear the area of terrorists at all costs. That being said, US President Donald Trump made clear to Turkey (and the world) that they’re now responsible for all things ISIS.

This isn’t the only misstep by Turkey in the last 24 hours. Additionally, in their chaotic bombing, they also shelled the United States Special Forces that were in Kobani, a Kurdish-held city. Turkey claims it was a military mistake, but there is growing concern regarding the fact that there appears to be no method to their madness during their ‘Operation-Spring of Peace’. Thankfully, no fatalities are reported.