PM agrees to mediated ceasefire; Over 170 Hamas and PIJ targets hit by IAF and over 500 rockets fired at Israel’s south; Protests from southern residents on governments handling of Gaza situation.


Over 500 rockets were fired at Israel’s southern communities from the Gaza Strip since Monday, the majority fired over a period of 24 hours, the IDF carrying out extended airstrikes in response.

The Israel Air Force confirmed it hit over 170 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip “using fighter jets, attack helicopters, aircraft and tanks”. Among the targets were weapons manufacturing facilities and arms storage, tunnels, naval targets, Hamas security headquarters, rocket launching sites and much more.

During a meeting of Israel’s Security Cabinet on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to an unofficial ceasefire mediated by Egypt and the UN, and based on recommendation from Israeli security officials. The ceasefire went into effect on Tuesday evening.

The ceasefire has been met with strong disapproval from some Israeli MK’s (members of parliament) as well as protests from southern residents affected by terror and rocket attacks from Gaza. Reports on Wednesday claim Israel’s Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, intends to resign over the government’s handling of Gaza.

Protests continued into Wednesday rejecting a ceasefire and the government’s handling of the situation with Gaza.

Palestinian groups in Gaza confirmed Hamas agreed to the ceasefire late Tuesday, warning, however, “The resistance will respect this declaration as long as the Zionist enemy respects it,” and that “factions will respond to every Israeli attack.”

On Wednesday morning, a Palestinian from Gaza attempted to infiltrate Israel with grenades. The IDF confirmed the terrorist was stopped and brought in for questioning. It reported “This morning a terrorist from Gaza armed with a knife and wire cutters, attempted to breach the border fence with Israel while throwing grenades. Our troops responded by firing towards him. The terrorist has been apprehended and taken for further questioning.”

Be sure to watch Amir’s update from Kiev last night for all the details on the Gaza crisis and regional developments.



Photo: Roman Yanushevsky/