The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck multiple targets in the area of Syria’s capital city early Monday morning; Surface-to-surface missiles were reportedly used in the attack; Nine Iranian-sponsored fighters are said to have been killed.

The IDF successfully struck multiple targets early Monday morning during a mission targeting Iranian-backed interests. The attack took place in the region of Damascus, Syria, and just south in the town of Al-Kiswa where the first division of the Syrian Army is located.

Several reports reveal that at least nine Iranian-backed militants were killed in the attack(s) carried out from Israel via surface-to-surface missiles. In addition to the military sites that were hit in Al-Kiswa, targets were struck near the Damascus International Airport, which the Iranians often use to move new weapons into the region.

Syrian state news claimed that most of the projectiles were intercepted by the air defense system, but at least one conflicting report suggests that there is video evidence showing the system failing. Regardless, several missiles hit their designated targets.

Last week, Israel targeted another Iranian weapons transport near the border crossing between Iraq and Syria. It is believed that Monday’s attack was at least partially a result of the arrival of another new shipment of weapons. As the Iranian regime continues to use Damascus as a hub for deploying weapons to its proxies in the region, Israeli strikes are prone to escalate.

The IDF did not comment on Monday’s attack.

Isaiah 17:1
The burden against Damascus.
“Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
And it will be a ruinous heap.