Researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, create method for turning tap water into disinfectant; The method has not yet been submitted for review; Initial tests prove the product to be highly-effective.

At a time in history when disinfectant is experiencing some of its highest demand, Israeli researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gann, Israel, have developed a process for creating disinfectant from routine tap water. While the process itself has not entered review, initial tests conducted at the university and a hospital in northern Israel proved the recipe to be extremely effective, killing different bacteria and viruses.

The individuals responsible for the creation of this process are Prof. Doron Aurbach, Dr. Eran Avraham, and Dr. Izaak Cohen.

In explaining how the product is created through the means of a manageable amount of electricity and water, Dr. Aurbach states that “Usually water always contains the usual salt – sodium chloride. When you apply electricity to water you cause electrolysis — decomposition of water that forms the elements hydrogen and oxygen as gases.”

He would elaborate in calling it “a process that produces hypo chloric acid, containing the three elements bound together, at a well-defined level of acidity and adjustable concentrations. We form highly aggressive oxidative conditions for all kinds of microbes.”

Not only did the product pass initial tests with flying colors, but the researchers also believe it can be used to treat a variety of wounds. And with COVID-19 stealing the attention of the world at this time, Dr. Aurbach explained, “We examined the ability of these materials to impair herpes simplex virus type 1 infection and human coronavirus OC43. Both viruses were completely eliminated when exposed to the disinfectants for different periods of time. The structural characteristics of OC43 are similar to those of recent SARS-CoV-2 suggesting that this virus will also be easily eliminated with this disinfectant.”

Something that makes this product even more impressive is that it’s significantly more powerful than bleach, yet it’s far safer. Not only is it far safer, but it’s far more cost-effective being water-based.

Barak Dror Wanderman, who owns his own Israeli startup called AqooA Solutions: Eco Sanitizing Technologies, is in the final stages of producing portable stations to dispense the water-based disinfectant in the future.

Wanderman would praise their partnership, stating, “We are on the brink of a revolution by making the most effective green disinfectant available to the entire population and medical institutions. This technology will save many lives, save the economy a lot of money, and eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals that harm the environment.”

The hope of the researchers is for this disinfectant to be marketed in several different ways such as spray, wipes, bottle dispensers, etc.

This new product is one more evidence as to why just weeks ago, two US senators proposed a bipartisan bill that would fund joint-research between Israel and the US regarding COVID-19. Their reason? None other than the fact that they believe Israel to be a world leader in medical and technological research – a truth that is further revealed in what is believed to be this new scientific breakthrough.